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Truthfool Communications

Hi, we are Truthfool

Truthfool was founded in 2010 to employ some of the world’s finest creative talent at the service of social change organizations. We assemble a diverse team of creative & technical talent for every project. The client is on the team & the intended audience is on the team. Our services are unique because we are uniqueWe are professional campaigners, filmmakers, comedians, marketers, designers, animators, actors & musicians.

A description of the project


Truthfool Communications envisions a world where the values of social justice are enforced not by enlightened leaders, but by an empowered public as devotedly engaged to the issues of our time as they are to the pulse of pop culture.



Truthfool’s mission is to support and enable progressive social change organizations to stand out in the noise with calls to action that are vibrantly creative and emotionally resonant.

this is the project desc


Truthfool Communications collaborates with changemakers to create narratives that make vivid sense of systemic injustice, exposing the true nature of power and catalyzing the action necessary to overcome it.

Some selected work

Read about Truthfool in recent issues of Walrus Magazine and Maclean’s Magazine.

Our work has been featured across major media:


However, our unique abilities are perhaps best appreciated by considering how our efforts transcend the traditional media system.  Our work has been prominently featured in places you would never expect to find such serious topics, places like Boing Boing (one of the most-read and linked-to blogs in the world) or as a most popular item on the seminal social news site Reddit and even in Dan Savage’s hugely popular syndicated column ‘Savage Love’.

These achievements are a testament to Truthfool’s ability to break urgent social issues into the realm of pop-culture.